REACH is a technology framework designed for development of solutions for consolidating / integrating seemingly heterogeneous requirements in a domain. There are distinct technology and functional groups and based on which the applications are classified into different categories.

Classification of Applications Developed using REACH
Classification of Applications Developed using REACH

Individual applications for multiple domains are developed using REACH. And multiple applications can be integrated into a single one. For example, the Video surveillance, Electrical panel monitoring, DG set monitoring, UPS monitoring, machine performance monitoring etc can be brought together as an integrated solution for a specific factory.

The applications mentioned below indicate the capability of REACH. Each one can be customised or extended as per the need of the requirement. It is possible to add on or remove modules from an existing REACH installation without reinstallation or stopping the system. REACH is on a continuous improvements path and it is ensured that each new development is backward compatible.

Video Audio Sensors & actuators Link to a Brief Note Applications
Applications in the Banking Domain
1 video_based_monitoring ATM Monitoring System
2 Bank Branch Monitoring System
3 Safe Room Monitoring
4 NBFC Branch Monitoring
5 Bank Mobile Asset Tracking and Monitoring
Industry based applications
6 manufacturing_domain factory Security Surveillance
7 Quality of Electrical Power and DG set Monitoring
8 Electrical Panel board and UPS Monitoring
9 Equipment Performance Monitoring
10 Access Control and Vehicle/Goods Movement Monitoring
11 Fire and Temperature Monitoring
12 Integrated Factory Monitoring System
13 Monitoring Multiple Factories
Applications in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry domain
14 agriculture_domain Green House Monitoring
15 Irrigation Management
16 Aquaponics Control System
17 Aeroponic Control System
18 Fish Farm Monitoring
19 Dairy Farm Monitoring
20 Monitoring Irrigation Dams
Applications managing and control of distributed assets
21 distributed_installations Monitoring Distributed Warehouses
22 Monitoring and Control of Cold Chains with Deep Freezers
23 Monitoring Mobile Towers
24 Monitoring Solar Farms
25 Monitoring Windmills Farms
26 Monitoring Distributed Small Solar Installations
27 Monitoring Water Reservoirs and Ponds
Monitoring and Control of electrical installations
28 elecrical_installations Sub-station Motoring and Security Surveillance
29 Security Surveillance and Monitoring Micro/Mini Hydel Dams
30 Monitoring of Distribution Transformers
31 Monitoring Vehicle Charging Stations
32 Energy Distribution Monitoring
Monitoring and control of moving assets
33 mobile_asset_monitoring Vehicle Tracking
34 Vehicle Tracking and Engine Monitoring with Two-way Audio and Video
35 Asset Tracking
Surveillance and monitoring of residential and office complexes
36 offices_and_residences Office Security Surveillance
37 Monitor a Chain of Stores / Offices
38 Security Surveillance, Access Control and Asset Operation of Residential Complexes
Software based monitoring and control. Hardware is a rarely used
39 software_based_monitoring_and_control Customer Feedback Module
40 Distributed Attendance Monitoring, Authentication and Access Control System
Surveillance, Monitoring and Control of other assets / installations
41 other_installations Security Surveillance and Monitoring Installation in a Damsite and an Integrated Dam Monitoring Station
42 Security Surveillance and Monitoring Installations at a Fuel Station (Petrol Pump)
43 Police Station Surveillance Monitoring
44 Temple or Places of Worship Surveillance and Monitoring
45 Surveillance and Monitoring of Tollgates
46 Security Surveillance and Monitoring of Shipyards
47 Security Surveillance and Monitoring of Railway Stations and Railway yards
48 Security Surveillance, Access Control and Monitoring of Schools and Colleges
49 Data Centre Monitoring
50 Custom Applications

Integrated Factory Monitoring solution

REACH is a core system which can be tailored according to an application specification. Significant number of hardware modules and a vast number of software modules are intertwined seamlessly using a configuration engine, which creates the structure of the solution and a rule engine defines the behaviour of the solution.

To illustrate the complexity the of the solution REACH can create, a complex Factory Monitoring System is defined below. This is based on the requirement study conducted at a medium size stone polishing factory at Kochi, Kerala, India.

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