The basic intent of creating the hardware is to synchronise with the software modules which will enable automatic creation of solutions.

A significant number of hardware modules have built-in intelligence to carry out specific tasks. These tasks can be controlled by an external software module. This enables using the same module for different functionalities and also changing the process of operation during runtime. Over 120 hardware modules have been created and several scores of them are in the pipeline.

The hardware modules are created for enabling the products and solutions and are not for individual sale.

The hardware can be classified into the following categories

Sensors / Actuator Modules
Sensor modules are designed to give either a digital or analog output. The sensors follow the industry standard and hence can be replaced by any other name which follows the same standard. More
Data transmission/communication modules
The data gets generated from multiple points in the EDGE system.  This needs to be transmitted to appropriate processing nodes.  This is enabled by data transmission modules that support all industry-standard wireless and through-wire communication protocols. More
Optical isolation modulus
This is a critical module that isolates different sections of the edge system. This helps in fault isolation and continuance of service. This is mostly used in association with the sensors. More
Data Collation Modules
The data generated by the sensor modules or the inputs to the actuating relays are managed by Data Collection modules. These modules interact with the local processing Unit or with the central monitoring unit through appropriate data transmission modules.  Webyfy has created multiple types of modules with varying capabilities. More
Terminal boards
There are multiple types of terminal boards which enable communication with external entities like sensors, subsystems, etc. More
Specialized hardware modules
These are created for specific applications or internal testing during production. More
Power supply and accessories
Webyfy has developed a series of SMPS and accessories to support various voltage ratings. It also has load distribution and fault isolation modules. More


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