Specialized hardware modules

Specialized hardware module XLELM7 Camera Terminal Dimensions: 65 mm X 85 mm
Manages digital input and output from an IP camera. It also amplifies audio signals for speaker and connect to the external microphone with preamplifier. Camera power supply is also given through this module. Camera Terminal
Specialized hardware module MELZXA Microphone Preamplifier Dimensions: 12.7mm X 40 mm
Microphone with preamplifier for long wire connection. Microphone Preamplifier
Specialized hardware module E929EL LCB Board Dimensions: 111 mm X 160 mm
12 Channel Digital/6 Channel Relay/6 Channel Analog Isolation terminal Board LCB Board
Specialized hardware module 9LO955 D7S Evaluation board Dimensions: 10 mm X 50 mm
Evaluation board for D7S Vibration Sensor used for high precision Seismic Sensor. D7S Evaluation board
Specialized hardware module 92OZ2L6 DESP Programmer Dimensions: 24 mm X 60 mm
This board is used for Programming ESP-WROOM-02D/02U Wi-Fi module. ESP Programmer
Specialized hardware module 29K9X4 NRF Programmer Dimensions: 19 mm X 58 mm
This board is used for Programming Bluetooth module. NRF Programmer
Specialized hardware module OLKM96K J-Link 6 pin - Needle Adapter Dimensions: 33 mm X 45 mm
Interconnecting board between SEGGER J-Link 6 pin - Needle Adapter and the targeted programming board. J-Link 6 pin - Needle Adapter
Specialized hardware module 477L2A On-Panel USB Dimensions: 24 mm X 43 mm
A high-speed USB Switch. This unit is directly connected to the Front Panel and Front Panel-USB interface. On-Panel USB


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