Macro Application details

SHIIELD is a versatile system which can be used to generate hundreds of applications in varied business domains. A very concise indication provided below.

Multiple types and makes of cameras
Shield supports multiple makes and types of IP cameras in a single installation. ONVIF supported DVRs and NVRs cam also be integrated. indoor ip cameraoutdoor ip camerapan tilt zoom ip camera
IP camera alerts and video analytics
The system captures IP camera-based alerts and process video & use them as inputs to the rules or display in the interface or process to raise alerts. video analytics based alerts.pngvideo camera based alerts
Two-way audio communication
Two-way audio communication between authorized user and a specific location, listen-in, automatic rule based or manual announcement. two way audio communicationautomatic announcementsremote operator announcementslisten in
Play Video and Audio Advertisements
Shield provides facility to play audio or video advertisements in a specific location. Schedule and language of the advertisement can be configured. play video advertisementsplay audio advertisements
Authenticated Access Control at a location
Multiple modes of access control like Numeric key, finger print scanner, RFID, face recognition, eye iris scanner etc. Access code can be altered dynamically numeric key authorizationfinger print authorizationrfid authorizationlisten in
Panic switch and alarms at a location
Visual alarm, auditable alarm and announcements in case of emergency situation like pressing the panic button, or based on Operator action panic switchwarning_beacon_lightalarmoperator_action
Fire and smoke detection and warning
Shield supports multiple fire & smoke sensors and fire switches, installed with tamper proof detection. Automatically raise alerts and intimate concerned. smoke sensorfire_sensorfire emergency switchfire alarm
Movement sensing
The simple sensors which detect motion and movement like PIR sensor, Reed switch, can be used to detect a variety of movements person movement sensor pirintrusiondetect equipment movementunauthorized opening
Support multiple type of sensors
Shield has the capability to integrate any type of industry standard sensors or actuators. Custom made sensors can also be integrated glass break sensorwater seepage detectiondoor openingpower available sensor
Voltage and Current sensors
Performance of equipment can be understood by the current it takes. The voltage and current variations can be used for protection. 1 phase ac current1 phase ac voltage3 phase ac voltage3 phase ac current
UPS and Battery Monitoring
The status of UPS in indicated by measuring input and output voltages. Battery health is shown by terminal voltage, charging current and its duration. ups i or o voltage measurement.pngdc voltage measurementdc current measurementbattery pack
Energy Management
Energy meter modules measures electrical energy consumption. It measures active and reactive power, power factor, frequency voltage and current. 3 phase energy metering1 phase energy metering
llumination Control
Automatic switching of lights as per rules like time of day/schedule, illumination level, intrusion etc. There is a provision for manual override. illumination level sensorlighting controldc current measurement
Irrigation control
Shield can be very effectively used for irrigation control. Intelligence can be built in using soil moisture weather condition, water availability etc. motor starterhigh low water level sensorflow measurementssoil moisture sensor
Control of Air-conditioning
Air-conditioning systems can be monitored. Current consumption, room temperature and humidity. The system can be operated intelligently. temperature or humidity sensortemperature controllerair conditioner hvac sensingintelligent start and stop of machine
Monitoring of Machines
Performance of machines is deducted by measuring temperature at multiple points, vibration levels, fuel consumption, energy consumption pattern etc 3d accelerometertemperature controllermonitoring multi point temperaturemonitoring fuel and other liquid level
Support multiple internode communication protocols
In a local(EDGE) system sensors & actuators may be spread over a large area. Multiple modes of local communication to EDGE processor are provided. ble data node transmissionlora data node transmissionwi fi data node transmissionzigbee data node transmission
Multiple, redundant of Internet connectivity
Shield communicates securely using multiple modes of communication. Switches automatically to secondary mode as primary becomes unavailable. single or dual 4g communicationbroad band communicationfire to home connectionzleased line connection
Secure communication
The entire system is with in a VPN cloud. The software router can enforce black and white listing of IP address and provide dynamic encryption secure encrypted vpnip address black or white listingdynamic encryptionsecure mobile communication
Video Wall, Alerts, and Remote Camera Operation
Video wall shows all the video feeds on a screen. Control pan/tilt/zoom camera remotely. Record & retrieve videos and get camera-based alerts. video wallcamera pan tilt and zoom controlvideo recording and play backvideo camera based alerts
Operator and Authorized User Interface
A specific site interface provides the user the status,facilitates remote operations and dash boards and reports. Map based interface indicates all locations. monitoring stationmap based indicationperformance dashboard
Operator Actions
Authorized user can switch on and off equipment, monitor the status of operation,control functioning of installations at a remote EDGE location. remote switching of equipmentremote control of equipmentpremote status monitoring
Audio Communication
The authorized user can listen in to a specific location, make manual or prerecorded announcements and make through console calls. two way audio communicationlisten inremote operatior announcementsthrough console voice call
Alerts and Alarms
Based on multiple predefined rules, alerts are generated for a specific location and displayed. Audio and visual alarms can indicate alerts. intelligent multi node rule enginedynamic rule executionalarm warningsaudio visual operator alerts
Access and Control using Mobile Device
Access EDGE location using a mobile or any internet connected device. Get alerts, operate devices, view videos and have two-way audio communication. mobile based secure accessmobile based alertsvoice with a specific locationmobile based control access
Configurable Reports
Shield has a configurable report generation engine which creates multitudes of reports and sends them via email or link via SMS as per schedule. intelligent configurable reportsscheduled report generationthough console sms messagingthough console email messaging
Secure Communication and Multi Factor Authentication
Shield operates inside a VPN cloud with security including dynamic data encryption, IP white/black listing etc. It has multi-factor access authentication secure encrypted vpnip address black or white listingdynamic encryptionmultifactor authentication
Automatic, Intelligent Commissioning System
Automatic and intelligent commissioning system requires little technical expertise. The same system can also be used for diagnostic purposes. commissioning systemdiagnostic informationalerts on deviations and maintenance
Trouble Ticketing and Escalation
Shield has a separate module for trouble ticketing which records issues. They are assigned and escalated as per definition. trouble ticketing and escalationissue esculation matrix


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