Technology is focused on creation of domain specific applications in the minimum possible time. Applications follow its own processes. Technology developed by Webyfy converts these processes to domain specific solutions.

This IoT technology framework integrates video, audio, sensor and actuator-based systems. An intelligent configuration engine integrates various industry standard components – both hardware and software. The resultant solution provides extensible, distributed, seamlessly integrated, real time monitoring and control of installations across multiple geographies.

This amalgamates different technologies from multiple vendors of software and hardware. The primary being the one from Webyfy Labs. Learn More

IP cameras which follow ONVIF standard can be easily integrated and others need custom support. ONVIF(Open Network Video Interface Forum) is a global and open industry forum which promotes a global open standard for the interface of physical IP-based security products. Following this standard, IP cameras from hundreds of manufacturers across the world are integrated. Learn More

We are integrating industry standard open source Computer vision technologies respecting the license stipulations. Learn More

Follow the standard data protocols for machine to machine / Internet of Things connectivity like MQTT, Web socket, Node etc. Learn More About mqtt , websocket

As for the communication and identification, we follow IPV4 and IPV6. Learn More

Any industry standard sensors and actuators can be integrated without additional effort. Nonstandard ones can be used with appropriate custom software / hardware. We adhere to industry standard protocols.


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