Instant Conversion of Idea to Application

Webyfy IoT, an IoT technology R&D company engaged in development of hardware and software modules for configurable solution creation.


The technology framework with its hundreds of software modules, scores of hardware modules, assisted by its AI based configuration system and rule engine enables almost instant creation of independent or distributed solutions across multiple verticals.

The technology framework follow industry standard protocols, integrates Video, Audio, Sensor and Actuator systems into one seamless entity spread across multitudes of locations.

This convergence technology enables integration of several processes into a single system with seamless interconnection and behaviour management. This enables rapid application development and mass customisation.

IoT and IoT Applications spread across multiple verticals which can amalgamate Equipment monitoring and control, System performance & deviations monitoring, Security surveillance, Distributed system monitoring, and many more

REACH has been designed to adapt to AIoT and carry out processing at data collation nodes or even at the sensor/ actuator nodes so that ubiquitous intelligence can be implemented optimally utilising the distributed processing power and storage space.



Webyfy IoT adheres to the design philosophy in letter and spirit.

Creation : Independent modules are created which have independent functional capabilities. The interaction with other modules are also defined.The modules may be totally independent with no knowledge of existence of other modules.

Executing its intend: In designing a module, Quality in terms of high availability, adherence to defined functionalities, diagnostics and speed of recovery etc are given prime importance. The individual module is built with extreme reliability and strict adherence to its functionality. Clearly defined functionalities assure their delivery. So if the process flows and functionalities are clearly defined, their delivery is assured with total adherence to specifications.

Assuring the process : The log files give details of the process and can help in diagnosis and recovery.

Ease of Installation: Installation of a complex system requires significant expertise and time more so when the installations are spread over a large geographical area. The design incorporates several components which aid in automating the installation and commissioning process with remote monitoring facility. It can also be used for diagnostics and maintenance.

Process Enablement: The technology should enable assembly of modules to facilitate various processes there by varied applications.


Reach is an intelligent IoT system integrating an unlimited number of distributed sensor and actuator clusters to create a mesh/networked device, capable of automatically creating distributed solutions. It is an open-ended system with wired or wireless interconnection capability…


Over a hundred hardware components and many more are in the pipeline. Independent modules capable of being integrated to form solutions. Data processors, data collators, data transmitters, protocol convertors, optical isolation, sensors, relay modules, terminal modules are some of the categories into which they fall…


Webyfy IoT is a technology R&D company, in the process of releasing a large number of applications and products. The products are solutions or a part of solutions aimed at a specific operational requirement and is fairly rigid.It can be plugged into any IoT solutions which follow industry standard communication protocols.


REACH is a rule based solution creation framework. Webyfy IoT continuously releases ready to use applications in multiple verticals. These are configurable to suit specific requirements of the customer. Non-standard sensors or actuators can be integrated using custom software / hardware…